How to Influence Others to Be Eco-Friendly

Here are some ways that you can influence others to be more eco-friendly so more people are protecting our environment rather than destroying it.

Be the Example

Lead by example. When people see you living an eco-friendly life by using reusable bags, going to the bulk store, avoiding plastic, and heading to the farmers market, they might be inspired to do the same. Preaching about being eco-friendly and not doing it yourself doesn’t help the situation at all. When friends or family members come over to your house, they will see how easy and normal it has become to adopt certain eco-friendly daily activities and tasks.

You don’t need to lecture and judge others in their own homes. However, showing them how simple and easy eco-friendly choices are is a great way to influence someone.

Invite them to Eco-friendly Events

Next time you go to the farmers market or bulk store, invite your friends to come along. Bring extra reusable bags and glass jars so your friends don’t feel out of place if they didn’t bring any. They can see how rewarding it is to pick out fruits and vegetables from a large selection, meet the farmers and see the connection between how their food is grown and sold.

Inviting them along a couple of times might lead them to go even when you can’t. That person might take more friends or family members along the next time they go out. One person can influence a lot of people by having a domino effect.

Offer Eco-Friendly Items for Them to Try

Give eco-friendly gift baskets on special occasions or give extras to friends to try. It’s like giving them free samples to try out with no risk. They can see for themselves how a lot of natural cleaners and products are just as good as chemical filled ones and actually smell better and can be more effective!

Educate Your Friends, Family, and Strangers

Instead of shaming others, you can educate them on sustainability when the topic comes up. They may ask you why you do or use certain things, which is a great time to express why you do! Know your facts so you can teach them from a place of sincerity rather than judgment.

You can tell them about a documentary you saw or a book you read that changed your mindset and opened your eyes. That’s a great way to pass on the information you learned, especially if that was a big factor in changing your own lifestyle.
You can even share eco-friendly Instagram posts or link articles/ blogs to your own accounts so people who follow you will see it and will be inspired.

Be Patient

When people start connecting the dots about their actions and the effects they have on the environment, they may want to start incorporating new changes into their lives. Everyone sees life from a different perspective, so make sure not to judge others. Remember, you were once in their shoes and lived a life just as they did.

When they are ready, they will know that you are passionate about sustainability and living an eco-friendly life. They will know that they can reach out to you for advice. People will see the way you live and you can influence so many people by just sharing your knowledge, setting the example, and encouraging others when they make an environmentally friendly decision.